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Balancing feedback – Abbeycare and Nursing @

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Balancing feedback

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In the past healthcare services was about meeting a demand ensuring there was a service available to perform a particular task, the focus has changed and modernized so that services such as ourselves don’t just provide a service but provide outcomes and people are treated as customers and not patients.

Because of this as with every other aspect of life feedback is vital for healthcare services and as an organisation is something we actively seek.  However like a lot of people, organisations and the general society it is easy to get bogged down with negative.  Don’t get me wrong any feedback which highlights areas for development or bad practice needs highlighting and should be acted upon and again is something we do upon receiving feedback.

However attention should also be paid to positive feedback and practice.

Not only should positive feedback be celebrated but is should be examined why something is working and how this can be applied to other area’s for the benefit of all concerned, I also believe there is scope for sharing good practice rather than being protective of why something works therefore ensuring standards in health care are raised across the sector. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to turn on the TV or open a paper to hear about good practice because it certainly takes place right across the sector.