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My Role – Operational Manager – Abbeycare and Nursing @

Abbeycare and Nursing @

My Role – Operational Manager

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One of the reasons we decided to start blogging was to give people an insight in to the workings of Abbeycare .To start with I am going to be discussing my role as Operational Manager.

My Job description is really in the title, to ensure the organisation is able to operate on a day to day week to week and year to year. There are similar themes that run through my working life but each week can vary.

I have very little involvement in the day to day running of the organisation I have very rarely done a staff rota, paid a invoice, paid wages, delivered care that is left to people a lot more skilled in that area and without them I would not be able to do my job.



Yo my role consists  two main areas business development,legislative compliance.

The latter of these is element of my job that ensures that the company runs legally that we comply with local and national guidelines,  operate within the terms of contracts we have, ensure safe working practice and Human resources.  The best way to summarize this part of my job is

If I get it wrong there are massive consequences If I get it right no one should notice

To ensure that we remain compliant I make a check of all regulatory websites including CQC and Health and safety executive to name but two. I record any checks I do to ensure I can prove when inspected we are keeping up to date with legislation. I spend quite a bit of time each week carrying out researching to the latest developments in law, health and safety and best practice. Annually we are  required to update all our policies each year I ensure I do this throughout the year so they get the correct amount of attention paid to them and that they are not rushed once a year when you consider everything we do has to have a policy attached to it I cant imagine trying to do this once a year.

Health and safety and Human resources take up a lot of time and rightly so. Everyone should come to work and be treat in compliance with the law and be safe and our clients and  other  people we come in to contact with should know they are safe. I spend a great deal of time on both of these. One of the most enjoyable parts of my role is recruitment I have spent many an hour tweaking and improving how we do this to attract and recruit the best possible people  I also get to meet some really interesting people.  I probably could write a book  with some of the interviews I have experienced.

Business development is the second part of my role, I do this in the form of tendering for work, which is extremely lengthy process each tender is normally around 15,000 words and takes at least 14 days. I also coordinate setting up of new projects by ensuring that things gel together and assisting people in their role. A example of this is the the new day center and open day their are a lot of people doing a lot of good work  I ensure it all joins up and runs smoothly.  A new part to developing the business is Facebook, Twitter and this very website , I have been surprised at the interest shown in our social media strategy an it has certainly helped as with promoting ALIVE and recruitment.

I hope this article has gave a bit of an understanding of my role. and I hope you enjoy this feature

many thank