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Reflection and improvement – Abbeycare and Nursing @

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Reflection and improvement

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I believe from time to time its important to take time out and reflect on the way you do things, Over the last six weeks this is something as an organisation we have put a lot of thought in to.  We are conscious that as we increase in size by taking on more work and more staff that not only  quality is not compromised but we increase the quality of our service, for more information on this please see the you said we did section.


Personally I feel the changes we have made are extremely positive not only will there be an increased in quality but we have been able to promote staff internally and formulate a pathway for further career development.  One of the best parts of my job is to see the progression of staff.

When roles change and the company develops its also a natural process to look at yourself. This is not always a natural process but I think its a process that has been forced upon myself by other’s who have “your different whats changed” I have always believed something is either right or wrong, no grey areas, so if I have changed does that mean I was wrong ?  To answer both those questions I have seen our others go about their role with dignity, compassion and great skill and if I trust the people around me my personnel role, relationship with people and the company will be a better place.  To answer the second question generally I believe both the company and myself have got it right however I could have got it right better and gone about things differently.

One Final thing reading back other both this blog and our Facebook account I have made a conscious effort to thank all our supporters however there is one group of people I have forgotten the people who have been supporting the supporters, the family and friends of staff,  owners/directors, volunteers, trustees, fundraisers.

Until next time