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What is caring ?

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At least weekly and often several times a day during recruitment I hear “I am a caring person” That to me is a throwaway line often taught to people during interview training along with the statements  honesty, hardworking and I’m  team player.

I therefore base interviewing around  what is caring? You will be surprised how many people look at me  with sheer horror that I would ask them their views on caring when they have applied to work in care.

I get a lot of different answers as I do when discussing this with others. The oxford dictionary describes caring as

The work or practice of looking after those unable to care for themselves, especially on account of age or illness

to me that sums up some of the views I hear where people describe helping someone with a task maybe personal care or meal preparation. For me they are tasks and machines carry out tasks and we have all read and seen horror stories of bad practice carried out when tasks are being carried out and I’m sure no one would call those persons caring.  Secondly with the right training most people can carry out a task.  I have also heard people suggest it’s about being there for others. Well again most people can turn up to a place but its how they conduct themselves that constitutes as caring.

Don’t get wrong someone who is a care worker certainly needs to turn up and a complete care task’s but that does not mean there actions are that of caring person or represent the caring profession.

I spend a lot of time around caring people and observe the results of their work, sometimes I am literally staggered as to the amazing things I witness done by care workers. All of the things I witness or hear about are so varied ranging form care workers volunteering their time to help people move in to a new house, attend a graduation ceremony, make people smile in the most difficult circumstances, comfort friends and family, deliver dignity in death, Able to make someone feel special and important no matter how tired the Care worker is.

All those involve people, people going through events some life changing others just day to day emotions but none the less all these revolve around people not  a operating procedure . No one will remember the name of the care worker who came carried out a task and went but they will remember the person  who did it in such a way they felt important and not part of a process included in a manual.

Therefore if a career is able to do all of the above then caring is about being able to adapt to every situation in a way which delivers a positive experience even in circumstances which may not always be positive.

On a side note at some we will all need caring for weather that be because of illness, disability or just because we need just need someone to help us through situation for a lot of people that will only be for a short period of time but at the time we are always grateful for that person(s) who care for us, therefore I urge anyone reading this to firstly not forget those people who care for us through those periods, don’t forget or dismiss the people who do it day in day out  whether  that be by profession or family carers, thirdly if you are a career don’t ever forget how important you are, society would fall down without you.

NB: I know some people may be reading this may thing I have just given them the answer to a interview question but there is one other thing a caring person and a career shines through in the their persona and they just have that something that even words can’t describe.