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Creating a positive environment

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Many a joke has been made over the saying “Its not what you said its the way you said it”. This has got me thinking can you deliver information in such a way you can either positively or negatively effect not only the person you are speaking to but  environment they are in and the people around it.

I decided there were two approaches I could take to this I could research the effects of been positive and how both verbal and body language effects  the environment or I could try this out for myself.  I choose the latter. to try and do this I came up with a few rules.

1) always speak to people how I would expect to be treated, Sounds basic but is often forgotten

2) say sorry when I get it wrong.

3) not moaning about something if I could not make a positive change.

4) encourage those people around me who have solutions.

5) Try some of the solutions

I have tried where possible to ensure the language I use is positive and is solution based even in the face of some difficult situations or delivering difficult information. Don’t get  me wrong some of the solution have not worked but then we have moved on to the next solution until we find one that works. I have to admit i went in to this fairly pessimistic but it has worked been positive toward people has led to them being positive which has helped increase confidence and inspired others to come up with solutions this has had a a benefit of them inspiring more people to be positive as people didn’t want to be seen as the only one being negative. I have even found this has helped with doing tasks I would prefer not to do, I have found positive more enjoyable ways of doing the task.

I am not saying my approach or way of doing things is always the right way but I have found doing in positive certainly helps therefore my question to anyone reading this is have you got anything to lose by trying?  its easy to spread gossip or criticism but why not spend that time creating  a positive environment it will help your colleagues and ultimately the people we support in the health care sector.

Thank you for reading